The Fintech startup keycount launches their crypto partnership with Vezgo

June 28 2022, 12.00 CET, Zurich:, 12.00 CET, Zürich: Today, Swiss fintech startup keycount announces its partnership, with Vezgo, a company originally founded in Canada and now operating internationally.


Vezgo’s management describes their business as follows: “We launched Vezgo to help app developers integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Our goal is to provide a single API to access all customers’ balances, tokens, and trading history.”


With the partnership, keycount aims to create a link between cutting-edge and innovative financial solutions in the crypto industry with classic functions of financial apps, such as a total overview. This means that customers can integrate crypto wallets and exchanges into a central app in addition to their classic bank accounts, allowing them to see and track all information and transactions at a glance. This will be available, from the 1st day after the launch of keycount.