Swiss Fintech start-up keycount launches the first NFT crowdfunding project in Switzerland

Swiss Fintech startup keycount launches the first NFT crowdfunding project in Switzerland

April 20th 2022,  Zurich: Today the Swiss fintech startup keycount announces its NFT crowfunding project. By enabling the community to actively participate and benefit from the companys success, keycount aims to include interested early adopters in the product and company development.


Keycount is offering 295 NFTs that will be split into three categories. Each NFT encompasses a stock option enabling the owner to buy shares for the current valuation of 4.25 million EUR. In total, the startup offers its community approximately 5% of the company’s shares.

As one of the first companies creating utility for NFTs such as stock options, keycount is pioneering new ways of fundraising and community involvement for startups. NFT holders will additionally benefit from events organized especially for them and other early adopter and community advantages.

Commenting on the project, CEO & Co-Founder of keycount, Arman Öztürk says:

We are excited to share a part of the company with our community. With this we want to set an example in the fintech market and ensure we provide the solution that people really want.”

Commenting on the project, web3 crack, Faruk Türk says:

“I’m honored to drive the drop of their first NFT collection. An untapped area for startups that empowers them to raise funds within Web3. It is all about a revolutionary movement with various opportunities for young companies to deliver what’s needed and disrupt the industry.”

About keycount:

Founded in Switzerland in 2021, keycount connects all the users financial accounts, crypto wallets and centralizes them in one place – one app with one login. For the users keycount provides an overview and analysis over all accounts and assets and offers fast, cheap, and interoperable transactions to any account anywhere. The user makes mobile peer-to-peer payments accross all platforms with one of the selected accounts. Another feature is to send money directly to his or her personal social media contacts and make person-to-person payments or daily purchases with partner businesses. The best part? With every transaction keycount enables their users to make an impact per payment to the Non-Profit-Organization that matters most to them.


This solution gives everyone the freedom to choose his banks or crypto accounts freely while making it easy to keep an overview and very convenient to spend from multiple accounts. For businesses, this enables a unique customer relationship that is integrated with social media while offering customers a sustainable payment method.